Headshot giving pre-pandemic vibes? Or your boss scheduled a headshot day and you’re less than ecstatic about getting in front of the camera? No worries.  I gotchu.  Here are my top tips getting a headshot you *actually* like.  1. Dress for Success: Leave the dull office attire in the closet and pull out something that […]


Headshot Hacks: Prep for Your Professional Image with These Tips and Tricks

So you’re a product-based business owner and you just hired a photographer to take some amazing photos of your products. That means your job is done, right!? 😬 Not so fast. Don’t worry – it’ll be easy. I gotchu. Here are 3 pro tips to make sure your products photograph in the best way, and […]

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3 Pro Tips to Prep Your Products for a Professional Photoshoot

What the heck is Brand Photography, Anyway!? Brand photography is professional custom imagery (custom is key!), curated with the intent of providing a visual identity to a business or brand, using color (your brand colors!), tone, props, etc.    This can include: Many times, people get their feet wet with brand photography by getting a […]

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The Power of Visual Storytelling: Why Brand Photography Matters

Planning for a brand photography session can be a little *overwhelming* to say the least. But I’m here to make the planning processes easy, and enjoyable – so here are some tips to help you get prepared and feel confident and ready for your session. Spray Tan: I don’t know about you…but a fresh spray […]

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Preparation Tips for a Killer Brand Photoshoot

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After you’ve figured out what you’re going to wear for your brand session (phew!), the next step is to figure out what props to bring with you. And I don’t just mean your laptop of phone. Those are important, yes. But the ideas in this list will help you take your session to the next. […]

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Prop Ideas to Elevate Your Brand Photoshoot

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